GRIT park meet-up!

ages 9-13

Bring your lunch, bring your yoga mat, and we'll spend some beautiful time together chatting about being a human during this curious time, brain-training (outdoor is the best!), doing our usual fun crafts / activities, and moving our bodies.


All Health and Safety guidelines set out by the Province of BC will be strictly followed.

Only 8 spots available *


Mahon Park, North Vancouver

Monday, June 29 12:30-2pm

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*15% of all proceeds from GRIT Summer Camps will be donated to the Hogan's Alley Society and Black Lives Matter Vancouver in our effort to support and amplify the voices of BIPOC.


ages 6-8

Mini-Grit is the younger-kid version of our Grit program that explores brain-health + soul-resilience (used to be called ‘Girl Power’ and is open to all gender-expressions).

Through crafts, yoga, mindful activities and real-life chats, kids will leave the camp on Friday with the confidence that they can calm themselves, the knowledge about how to create  authentic friendships, and the power to stand up for themselves in tough situations.

All precautions around Health and Safety Guidelines for the Province of BC will be taken into account.

*only 8 spots available

Barre Fitness North Shore (1186 Marine Dr. N. Van)

M-F      July 6-10.    1-3pm

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M-F    Aug 24-28.   1-3pm

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GRIT summer extravaganza!

Grit workshops are based in brain-health + soul-resilience in an on-going effort to combat anxiety and create a happier, healthier generation. We use yoga to exercise our bodies, mindful brain-trains to calm our minds, crafts to ignite our creative sparks and real-life chats to un-ravel what it means to be a person on this planet.  Weekly topics usually include creating strong friendships, relational aggression, anxiety and mental health, values and standing up for ourselves.

*only 8 spots available

Creativ Music Centre (220-340 Brooksbank Ave. N. Van)

ages 8-10

M-F       July 13-17    10am-12pm

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ages 10-14

Grit Summer Camp for the older set will focus on the people we are underneath all the noise, and the people we want to become in this world. Each day will feature yoga, meditations, journaling, mindful walks by the river, really-rad crafts and real-life (sometimes light hearted, sometimes not so light-hearted), chats. Topics include:

  •  our values and what is important to us, planting those seeds and coming up with ideas on how to help them grow.

  •  how their generation will be the one to make a huge impact on social change, what laws they would implement and why.

  •  inclusion / how to be a better friend / how to deal with conflict in friendships / relational aggression.

  •  anxiety / mental health and what we can do to keep our brains as healthy as possible.

 And besides all this, we’ll have tons of fun being our goofy, serious, loud, quiet authentic selves together. We’ll leave the camp with an arsenal of how to be confident, creative and kind.

M-F      Aug 10-14    10am-12pm

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GRIT yoga

ages 8-12

Join Asha Diaz for a week of life-affirming, get your blood-flowing, quiet your anxious-mind yoga. Through learning poses and sequences, daily brain-trains (aka meditations), yoga-related crafts + activities, and chats around what it’s like to be a human today, humans will leave each day feeling empowered, calm and resilient.

All precautions around Health and Safety Guidelines for the Province of BC will be taken into account.

*only 8 spots available

Barre Fitness North Shore (1186 Marine Dr. N. Van)

M-F      Aug 10-14    1-3pm

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GRIT + song-writing camp

ages 8-12

Join us for this collaboration between Grit Vancouver and Creativ Music Centre as we present our first ever Grit + Song-building Camp.


For the first 2 hours of each day, we’ll explore all the good Grit stuff, including yoga, crafts, quieting our brain so that we can be creative, exploring ways to deal with anxiety, going for mindful walks in the forest and learning how to be a good + inclusive friend. We’ll break for lunch for half an hour (out on the grass if weather allows) and the last 2 hours of each day will be spent song-writing. Creatv Music’s Jim Kwan will lead us through warm ups, ways to tap into our creativity, basic song structure and coach us in writing our own song (or a portion of our own song)! 


Songs will be recorded and videoed in Creativ Music’s state of the art studio, so you have a record of the awesome summer of 2020.

Creativ Music Centre (220-340 Brooksbank Ave. N. Van)

M-F      July 27-31.  10am-3pm


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