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How could the world be changed by you at your best?


GRIT + SHIFT is anchored in the belief that when we learn to sit quietly with our own selves and tune in to our own wisdom, we can not only uncover next right steps that move us in the direction of that best self, but more importantly, boldly take those steps with confidence and ease. We believe that we all have within us the capacity to build lives we love more, more often and that the practices of meditation, mindful reflection and intentioned action are powerful tools we can use to get us there. We believe these tools can shift life for individuals, organizations and the communities they’re in.

GRIT+SHIFT {for you: events we're hosting}

GRIT+SHIFT {collected}

a monthly membership


1st Wednesday of each month from April-December  2020 / 7:45-9:30pm

You are invited to collect yourself. To mindfully join us in a year of intentional community with a collection of like-minded humans who need a bit of grit and a bit of shift. People who know that soul resilience and healthy brains aren’t just for kids, who know that a small shift can make a big difference.

The Collected will meet once a month for guided meditation and reflections. We’ll eat and drink and take home work to grow our practice. We’ll check in between collections in a private FB group to encourage and cheerlead each other as we build lives we love more, more often.

Membership includes all 8 meetings, all materials and take-home treats, and a members-only sweatshirt!

Membership fee: $400

We will also reserve a few spots for monthly drop-ins.

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GRIT+SHIFT {the retreat}

2 nights in Pender Harbour each fall to check out and tune in surrounded by ocean and trees; eating good food and forging meaningful connections with each other; leaving with a plan for the year ahead anchored in our values and strengths.  





GRIT+SHIFT {holiday edition}

A mini-retreat, a day away close to home; an opportunity to prepare for the winter holiday, mindfully end the year and begin the transition to the year to come.  



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GRIT+SHIFT {at work}

work place workshops: 

Employee wellness is a known driver of employee engagement and has been shown to impact all the metrics that matter for organizations that thrive.


GRIT+SHIFT {at work} offers 1-hour, half-day and full-day workshops intended to strengthen teams and give employees tools and a process they can use over and over again in service of their wellness. 


GRIT+SHIFT {small group}

small group workshops: 

Level-up your girls’ night or weekend get-away with some grit and shift! You bring the people and the place

(and the wine!) and we will bring the chill and the intention. And pens. We bring really nice pens.

GRIT+SHIFT {with you: events you're hosting}



Alison Caldwell Johnson is a co-founder of The Thrive Life Collective: Shift Happens, a process developed to explore what next right steps can move individuals and teams in the direction of a life they love more, more often at home, at work and out there in the world. In her work as a coach and facilitator, Alison gets to work with people who are ready to make small shifts that make a big difference, that move them from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to feeling inspired and capable. Her deep belief is that goodness happens when we can start to close the gap between how things are and how we wish they could be, fuelled by our own values and strengths.

Alison shares life with a husband and two school-aged kids all of whom voted her world’s okayest mom again this year.


Alix Dunham


Alix is a certified meditation teacher (200hr MTT) dedicated to helping people slow down and dive deep. She is passionate about mental wellness and recognizes that the neuroscience behind meditation is the best way to get there. She loves to share her knowledge and learned experience around brain-health with both youth and adults alike.


GRIT+SHIFT facilitators



"I appreciated the opportunity to let go of being in charge and be led by two skilled and caring facilitators and the chance to see 'under the hood' and gain a new perspective feeling the deep connection to myself and the amazing women present. The weekend over all felt like a gift to myself."


"I feel renovated. I feel in control of my life, my happiness and my breath. I felt loved, cared for and supported by an amazing group of women. This weekend has marked a very special moment in my life and will keep it with me forever."

"Overall, the weekend well surpassed my hopes... In terms of both your facilitation (what insight, skill, and caring), the kindness and intelligence of the other women who attended (such willingness to contribute to each other), the venue (WOW, so serene), The activities (did provide the shift and clarity I sought), and of course the meals (made us warm and cozy in the rain). All in all, I would totally recommend the week end to other women and I would definitely attend a 2.0:) Much gratitude and love to you both!"

"Alison has an amazing way of facilitating the uncharted difficulties that arise in the moment. Within

the short period, I trusted her to support me and felt comfortable to ask (which is remarkable since

it takes time for me.) " 

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