Alix Dunham

(GRIT for Grown-ups)

Alix is the leader of North Vancouver’s Pink Petal Ballet where she has taught 300+ girls (and boys) a week for the last 20 years. She saw a need for Grit after witnessing her own kids’ generation struggle with anxiety-related issues and recognizing that these youth need some tools to help make it through the fire.  


Since launching Grit Vancouver for kids in 1995, Alix now offers Grit workshops for adults. Grit workshops focus on brain-health + soul-resilience as a way to ride the wave of life. Meditation is the corner-stone of our heart-led and science-based workshops.


Alix is a certifier Meditation Teacher

and her background in teaching, meditation, and parenting give her a unique skill-set to connect with people on an authentic, human level.

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(Grit for youth)


Asha Diaz has been working with youth for over 10 years and is excited to expand her knowledge on exactly what it means to be an authentic human in the 21st century.


After completing her yoga teacher certification in 2015 and Meditation Teacher Training in 2019, she’s been a big inspiration for the Grit curriculum, and leads it with passion, understanding, and empathy. She understands going through the fire with mental illness and will stop at nothing until young people are heard and taken seriously.


Asha currently runs all the Grit youth programs and believes in the movement and the positive ways in which youth can effect the world.