grit (for grown-ups)

So often our own mental health gets pushed by the wayside as we care for those around us. Our Grit for Grown-Ups workshops focus on the science behind anxiety, and various methods to quiet the mind as we listen to the simple truths beneath the surface.


We explore neuro-plasticity and acknowledge that our brain can change at any time in our lives. And we promote meditation {aka brain-train} as one of the best ways to slow down, to notice what's happening, and to grow some strong, healthy neuro-pathways.

We also get creative, have fun (we really all need more fun) and let our guard down. It's the best.


meditation 101 (in-person)

Give your brain a glow-up and join Grit Vancouver's Alix Dunham for an in-person, very physically-distanced 4-week meditation workshop on Tuesday mornings. We'll explore the brain-science behind meditation, discover various techniques for relieving anxiety, journal about goals + values + empathy, and we'll practice meditating - alot. You and your mental health deserve this science-based + heart-led hour to yourself - and we can promise that you'll leave each week with a calm, rooted sense of who you underneath all the layers.


*new dates coming for June 2021


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