mini-grit / 7-9yrs 

Does someone in your life need a little boost? Do they need some help with anxiety, confidence, friendships, sleep, self-regulation? We’d love to help.

Join us for this full-term of extremely physically-distanced, and extremely fun mini-grit.

Delbrook recCentre, N. Van

Mon     Sep 20-Nov 8    3:30-5:00pm (no class Oct 18)

Mon     Nov 17-Dec 20    3:30-5:00pm


Fall Grit / 9-11yrs 


While learning about the way our brains work and meditating to circumvent mental illness, we’ll also express our creativity, talk about important aspects of being a person (like friendship and self-esteem), and have so much fun. 

At Grit Vancouver, we use yoga to show how strong our bodies are, mindful meditation (aka #braintrain) to show how strong our spirits are, and awesome crafts to show how strong our creative sparks are.

Delbrook recCentre, N. Van
Wed   Sep 22-Nov 3    3:30-5:00pm

Wed   Nov 10-Dec 5    3:30-5:00pm