Navigating a pandemic is no small feat. Our youth have a challenging task of trying to connect with peers while keeping their distance. The beginning of the school year is always stressful - and this year even more-so.  We can help give kids the tools they need to deal with the anxiety arising from it all while having fun, being in nature, and connecting.


Let’s raise a generation of kids who are mentally happy and healthy, who know it’s okay to be strong and soft at the same time, who know how to deal with adversity, and who are totally in-tune with their unique awesome-ness.

All precautions around Health and Safety Guidelines for the Province of BC will be taken into account.

Memorial Gym, Harry Jerome recCentre

123 e. 23rd st. N. Van

ages 10-14

Mon    Nov 9-Dec 14    3:30-5:00pm


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GRIT 2.0 on zoom!

Ok - you know the basics. You know our schtick. You’ve finished a bunch of brain-train cards - you get it. But times are tricky right now and anxiety in our community is high. Let's check in with eachother and see how our brains are doing. Let's hold eachother up and remind ourselves that we are safe, loved and connected.


Let’s take 3 weeks on ZOOM and take a deep dive into empathy, identity, body-image, brain-health and dealing with a stressed-out world (especially right before Xmas). We bet that when we’re done, you’re standing taller, your brain is clearer, and your heart is stronger.


If we already know you, we already love you and we welcome you with open arms friend.


ages 10-13

Sat    Dec 5-19.   3::00-4:30pm


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