slumber party (in person)

Join Asha Diaz’s Grit Vancouver for Slumber Party – a one-time workshop that focuses on getting a great night’s sleep. 

We’ll make our own individualized sleep plan, learn some helpful restorative yoga poses to do before bed, and find a meditation that will send us off to a beautiful slumber. 

Wear your PJ’s, bring blankies and be prepared to leave the evening ready to climb into bed and have a great night’s sleep. 


ages 9-13yrs 

Delbrook recCentre

Sat.  Apr 24   7-8:30pm

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mini-grit (in person)

Does someone in your life need a little boost? Do they need some help with anxiety, confidence, friendships, sleep, self-regulation? We’d love to help.

Join us for this full-term of extremely physically-distanced, and extremely fun mini-grit.

(registration opens March 3 at 9am)


ages 6-8 

Delbrook recCentre

Wed Mar 31-Jun 2    4-5pm

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SPRING Grit 2021 (in person)


While learning about the way our brains work and meditating to circumvent mental illness, we’ll also express our creativity, talk about important aspects of being a person (like friendship and self-esteem), and have so much fun. 

At Grit Vancouver, we use yoga to show how strong our bodies are, mindful meditation (aka #braintrain) to show how strong our spirits are, and awesome crafts to show how strong our creative sparks are.

(registration opens March 3 at 8am)

Shift Dance Academy

ages 8-10 

Sat   Apr 3-Jun 5   2-3:30pm

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ages 10-13 

Sat   Apr 3-24   4-5:30pm

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